3 Signs Your SEO Strategy Is Not Effective


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tool every successful website uses. Successful web campaigns are results-driven, easily manageable and cost-effective. However many website managers don’t know what to look for and end up running a poor strategy.


We’ve done some serious research and can speak from experience, so here are the three key signs that your SEO strategy is not working effectively.


Your Base Is Repetitive Or Stunted  


Targeting the right base is a must and let’s be honest, it’s the main purpose of making your site search engine optimized. But if your base is always the exact same people or your base hasn’t grown at all over time, you know you’re doing something wrong. Your SEO must be dynamic and target the right audience to stay relevant.


For example, it wouldn't make sense for an Italian restaurant that just added steak and burgers to the menu to not change their target audience (spaghetti lovers) because their new addition of steaks and burgers will not sell. They need to also start targeting people who love American favourites (Angus beef) to make sure that they haven’t added the new products for nothing.


This is just one example of the many things that can cause your base to be stunted and will ultimately affect your business’ success in the long term.


You’re Not Seeing Conversions


It’s simple, take a look at your analytics. Let’s say you have tons of activity on your website, there’s always an active user. But you’ve yet to see any turnover, no one seems to be purchasing anything or contacting you.  


Getting traffic to your site is just one step of the process, you need to make sure that they end up buying what you’re offering. This could be problem with the content you’re offering, but could also be that your SEO strategy is not targeting an audience that would be likely to buy anything. Fixing this problem can be easy and effective, just means that you need to dig further into your analytics and figure which demographic is most likely to buy and then adjusting strategy to reach them directly.


You Have No Strategy

If you are getting results without an SEO strategy, then you’re probably still in the early stages of your website and your progress will plateau soon. Not having an SEO strategy may work out just fine in the beginning of your new site, but long-term you NEED to have strategy in order to be successful.


Having a strategy makes sure that you continue to target the right base and your SEO becomes dynamic based on the content that you are releasing. Making the right plan can be time consuming, but it is definitely worth your time and the results will show.

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