Print: is it dead?

For years, print advertisement has been an essential part of a marketing strategy. If you’ve ever seen the television show Mad Men, it’s easy to see how billboards, newspaper ads, and magazine spreads dominated the industry.

Now we’re hearing everyday that print is dead.

In today’s era, where our kids are raised by computers and we are surrounded by pixels, we all sometimes forget that there is paper out there. Surprisingly, many parts of the print sector continue to grow steadily, including children's books and magazines.

So, print is not dead and it never will be, it is simply overlooked. A numbers of brand utilize print advertisement very effectively and here’s why you should too.

It Stands Out

Print advertisements give readers something unique thing to look at. Many of us have become addicted to staring at a screen all day and spend our lives working with technology. So when someone picks up a physical copy of an appealing print ad, it leaves an impression because you’re left with a tangible experience.

It’s Tangible

When we’re surfing the web or completing a task on a computer, most of us have learned how easy it can be to get distracted or abandon the task. With print, whether it’s a book, magazine etc. you have a physical copy of something that takes up space.

You can’t just push the escape button and move on, the reader must truly want to never see the print (whatever type it is) again.

Give Readers a Unique Relationship

Having a physical copy is one advantage of any print product, but another is that it gives readers a unique relationship with the product that nothing online can replicate.

As weird as it may sound it gives the reader a one-on-one relationship where they can make notes on the page, flip back and forward whenever or even keep the print at arms reach instead of in your favourites bar. It makes everything more memorable and it brings out the true meaning.

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