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Website Builder vs Website Developer - The Answer May Surprise You

If you own a business then you already know that you need a website. It’s the 21st century equivalent of a business card. With the evolution of the internet, websites are rapidly replacing storefronts, face-to-face conversation and phone calls altogether.

With the necessity of a website, comes the ability to do it yourself. Website builders, Wordpress templates, Squarespace, you name it.

Why on Earth would anyone think about hiring an agency?

Truth is, hiring an agency isn’t for everyone and these DIY website builders are definitely perfect for a large chunk of people. Bloggers, unproven companies, and personal webpages are easily made using Wordpress templates. These types of websites don’t require further customization and often don’t require advanced functionality.

But small and medium sized businesses are another story altogether.

Think about this… You’re already busy working in your business. You have to manage your employees, customers, and merchants already, on top of trying to balance a personal life. Do you really want to start building your own website at the same time?

Using your own website builder as a small to medium sized business can be a very costly decision. Sure, the investment is not very much at the outset but what about the hidden cost of actually building? You can quickly fall down a rabbit hole looking at templates, installing Wordpress, designing and customizing your website, uploading content… How much does that additional time cost you and your business? If one of your employees is building the website, how much does it cost you to take them offline?

Once you’ve made the decision to build your own website, it’s now up to you to figure out how it works. Not every template is built the same and some require a steep learning curve. Are you prepared to troubleshoot on your own? Are you prepared to learn the basics of HTML and CSS in order to fix any bugs that could arise? When things go wrong, it can get irritating very quickly. Not to mention, it can take your website offline indefinitely.

After all of this, the very worst part of using a website builder is that the company down the street could have the exact same website as you…

So, I’ll ask again. Why on Earth would anyone think about hiring an agency?

Custom Design

No generic templates here. Not only will you get a custom built design, you can be sure that it will have your business needs in mind. At the outset, an agency will have a strong understanding of your business needs. Are you not-for-profit that depends on donations through your website? An agency can develop a something that is designed specifically to help passively guide your site users to that donate button. There is no restriction on how we design or what can be built, the sky is the limit.

The Internet is Always Evolving

If you have an iPhone, you know just how often technology can evolve. We are inundated with updates from our technology on a daily basis. Whether it’s a security update or a full overhaul of an app, this can affect how your website is shown to users. With an agency, your website will be built with the most up-to-date coding techniques and tested across all browsers and devices to ensure compatibility. Your website will be safer, easier to search, and decrease your chances of being overlooked by Google.

SEO is King

The dirtiest secret about most website builders is that they are notoriously awful when it comes to search optimization. They often have way too many CSS files, are not formatted properly for search engine crawlers, and are slow to load as you continue to input content. Web developers design with your business in mind and that includes SEO.

We’re Always Here for You

We know your website in and out because… well because we made it. You inevitably need to update your website or troubleshoot an issue and a web developer can always be contacted for ongoing support. There is no dark hole of “ticket submissions” or “tech requests”. Just pick up the phone and give us a call.

Are you rethinking that website builder yet? Feel free to give us a call and we can sit down and talk about your web needs. Contact us today!