Halton District School Board

We have been working with the Halton Board for more than 10 years, mostly in support of their Pathways, SHSM and OYAP programs,
and technology education in general.

SHSM Rebrand

In 2019, we worked with the Board on a significant rebranding of their SHSM program. This included creating separate pamphlets for each
of the SHSM programs that were used across the Board, and more individualized pieces that promoted the SHSM programs that are offered
at each school.

One of the key considerations of this project was the need to maintain consistency across each piece. The program brochures, retractable banners
and information sheets all have the same look and feel. Most of the pieces retain the same type of content, while still allowing the flexibility
to reflect the unique features of a school’s particular program.

We have also worked with a number of individual schools to create program-specific wall signs. These signs are 8’ x 4’ and are affixed with
either an adhesive or on a piece of thin aluminum. Having – and following — the template allows us to adopt the design to create pieces
that are visually striking and highly visible, without having to do a complete redesign for each. 

Tech Ed

Blueprint has long supported technology education. We have worked with the Ontario Council for Technology Education on many projects, and
have also helped promote tech ed within different boards.

One of those projects has been the design and production of decals that promote individual OYAP programs. Printed on clear decals
and affixed on walls throughout schools (not just in tech areas), these life-sized pieces promote careers in various fields.

For the last two years, we have created large wall decals promoting tech ed at the schools hosting the annual Halton Skills event. Using
photos and a list of programs offered by the Board, the banners were seen by thousands of students at the events, and remain a prominent
feature at the host schools.


A fun project we did with the Board was to create a series of life-sized panels representing a career in a particular SHSM. At their “Future that Fits”
event, students took the opportunity to take photos of them “in” a career and post them on social media.

horizontal image of poster. Cartoon. Images with hole in face for attendee pictures