Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board

Blueprint has designed and created several print and digital pieces for the HWCDSB.


SHSM Promotion

Blueprint created large (usually around 25’ x 20’) banners that are hanging on the outside several of the Board’s secondary schools. The goal of the
banners is to promote the programs to students and families at the school, and to share with the community at large some of the
non-traditional programs that each of the schools provide.

We chose a design that included images or icons representing each of the SHSM programs. Once the design was completed for the exterior banners, it was
modified to fit interior spaces at the school.

Specialist High Skills Major Poster
Specialist high skills major poster hanging on side of external brown school way
Internal of school, posters below window showcasing specialist high skills major
Specialist high skill major horizontal banner

Consolidated SHSM Brochure

Unlike at HDSB where we designed program-specific brochures, we worked with the HWCDSB to create one brochure that provides students and their
families information on the overall SHSM program. It also includes what is offered at each of the Board’s schools.

The result is more text-heavy than some of the other pieces we have created, but it retains a clean, easy-to-read format. 

SHSM Brochure
Highlighting SHSM brochure. Brochure unfolded
Overview of courses listed in SHSM brochure
Screen shot of website