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The advantages of using FileMaker as a custom business solution.
Don’t just organize your data – harness it. The advantages of using FileMaker as a custom business solution
September 16, 2022

Whether you manage volunteers and fund-raisers, run a business with large inventory systems, or track product production, you deal with data. It is the numbers, statistics, records and accounts that help define what you do and how you do it.


At the very least, you need to collect and organize it. But you can also manage and use data to drive your organization’s goals.


One of the tools used by Blueprint Agencies to help a client manage their data is FileMaker Pro, a relational database that brings unapparelled efficiency to all aspects of an organization’s operations.


On one hand, FileMaker is similar to a spreadsheet. But it is exponentially more powerful and user-friendly, allowing users to modify their database in the form of screens, forms, or layouts by dragging new elements in the system.


Ease of development

Businesses that need a solution for their data often don’t have the luxury of having years of development time. FileMaker is based on a number of pre-existing templates, allowing the system to be set up, tested and go-live quickly.



FileMaker integrates seamlessly with other data systems, such as MySQL, accounting systems like Quickbooks and business operations software such as SAP. It also works well with many end-user applications such as Adobe, MailChimp, Office 365 and Amazon Marketplace.



Even as it relies on templates, FileMaker gives users the freedom to customize their applications with elements such as logos, colors, brands, etc. There are also charting tools to export summary reports into dashboards and graphs in PDF or Excel format.


Security and dependability

Apple first developed FileMaker more than 30 years ago, and the platform has been supported by the company and a loyal tribe of users ever since. It is being constantly upgraded to meet changing demands of programmers and end-users.



FileMaker is a subscription-based service. There are several plans available (based on the number of users), but there is no huge, upfront purchase price. It does not require a prior knowledge of programming, saving the need to have IT staff to provide specialized service.


Blueprint has delivered and maintains FileMaker systems that provide a wide range of services and solutions, such as:


• Simple stand-alone product & services billing system

• Production tracking

• 3PL Warehouse management

• Web Order Management

• Order Distribution & Shipping Management

• Subscription Management

• Publishing & Royalty Distribution

• Donation Management

• Client Management

• Estimating, Production Scheduling and Job Tracking


Want to learn more about using FileMaker to create your custom software solution? Blueprint Agencies is a Certified FileMaker Partner, able to bring powerful solutions to projects of any size.


But we do more than just sell and set up the app. Beyond our development and programming skills, we offer more than 20 years experience in using FileMaker to streamline business processes and manage data. Contact Us to discover how to harness your data to increase your effectiveness and profitability.