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How did Instagram become one of the biggest Social Media Platforms?
October 26, 2021

Instagram is one of the largest social media networks out there today. From its launch in October 2010 until now it has grown exponentially, and it shows no sign of stopping.


Instagram was conceived by co-founder Kevin Systrom as an app where users could check-in to locations, make plans with friends, earn points for hanging out with other users, and post pictures. However, when Mike Krieger came on board, he decided it needed to be much simpler. Krieger took out many of the features and the team worked on creating a new, cleaner and revised version of the app.


By December 12, 2010, Instagram had already reached one million users and in less than a year it grew to ten million users. Today, almost everything and everyone has an Instagram profile, with seven hundred million active daily users.


What's the Secret to Instagram's Success?

How did it grow so quickly? There are several key factors in its success:

1. It’s Free!

Instagram is and always has been free, making it more easily accessible to everyone. Everybody is always looking for a good, free app to download.


2. The Layout is Simple

Instagram’s layout when it first launched was very simple. The features were basic and organized, making it easy for everyone to navigate through. Although today the app is more complex, this came through updates over the years, making it easy for everyone to get used to.

3. Photos can be shared in a second

Instagram is a place where you can take your photos and put them out into the public. It’s a place to inspire others and get inspired. A lot of our lives are shared on social media as a way to highlight and remember the good times just by scrolling down your profile.


4. It Fills a Need

For many, Instagram can be a place to store hundreds of photos that you may not have room for either on your phone or computer. Most people have a separate account used just for photos they don’t have room for but just can’t bear to delete.


5. It’s Unique

When Instagram first came out, there were not many apps out like it. Instagram’s unique idea and layout made it stand out from other apps. People were drawn to this app that was so simple, fun, and different.


Consistency is key

Just creating a popular social media app isn’t enough - you have to constantly update and grow to keep up with the times. Instagram started off with well-planned, unique, well-executed ideas, and continued its steady growth by continually reinvented itself with new features. Creative updates keep users entertained and eliminate the chance of competitors taking over. Creativity and consistency are always the keys to creating and maintaining a successful app.