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Keeping Your Social Media Content on Brand
October 1, 2023

So you did an awesome job creating your social media presence, but how can you make sure that all or your posts stay on brand? You worked so hard at building your profiles, let’s keep up the awesome work.

Define your message and set your tone. 


It’s important that you have a consistent message when you’re engaging on social media. Make sure that you know what you’re trying to convey with your social profiles and go from there. Each post should have the same voice and tone so that you can be sure your branding is strong and reaching the right audience each time.

Establish guidelines and keep posts brand-focused. 


Have a cheat sheet that outlines some clear guidelines and procedures for posting on each profile and your website. This can be very detailed, or just outline specific fonts and colours. Following these guidelines will make sure that what your brand stands for is included in every post. 


Make someone your social media point person. 


If you aren’t able to focus on keeping your social media consistent, consider keeping one person in charge of approving what you put up. The person approving your content should have an in-depth understanding of your brand and business goals.This person can ensure that your content is consistently on-brand. 


Hire an expert.


Assign a dedicated professional to handle your social media exclusively. This expert will create a team that can handle creating your content, writing your copy and posting it on various digital profiles. They will be able to consistently communicate your brand’s message and artfully craft a presence that makes an impact. 


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