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January 7, 2022

Everyone agrees that 2021 was “different,” and not always for the better. But it wasn’t all bad. At Blueprint, we made a lot of new friends last year, and we were able to serve and support our clients as they pivoted to meet the challenges of a rapidly-changing environment.


There are a couple of projects that we are particularly proud of:


For PICO Canada, a leading automobile parts supplier, gathering restrictions meant not being able to host or attend important trade shows for suppliers and customers. We were able to put together a web-based virtual tradeshow, giving PICO the chance to still “meet” its stakeholders. We also created for them a sales data reporting tool that combines data from very different sources and reduce what used to be a good day of work every month to an hour.

Pico tradeshow software screenshot

Design projects are always fun and rewarding, especially when we get to partner with the local Paris Brewing Company. Using their existing brand, we applied the design to the labels of their Tagwerk series to cover a wider range of beers. We created some swag as well as a multitude of flight cards that are used to explain all the different beers and ciders Paris Brewing Company have on tap. One-year young, we are happy to partner with this local company and best of all, the beer is spectacularly good!

Paris Brewery beer can
lazy dog beer card

We’ve worked with the Ontario Council of Technology Education (OCTE) for years in developing engaging print and digital materials that promote experiential learning, skilled trades and technology in education. In 2021, we created and posted on the OCTE site brochures, pamphlets, banners and social media resources to download or print. Even during a year when students were learning virtually for much of the year, dozens of schools took advantage of these resources.

OCTE SHSM Screenshot
OCTE SHSM Screenshot

Perhaps no sector was hit harder by the pandemic than healthcare. Late in 2021 we launched a new website for the Norfolk General Hospital. It has become a great tool for the hospital to quickly share information with the community about the latest COVID protocols and resources, while also giving patients, visitors, donors and others an attractive and intuitive tool to discover what the hospital has to offer.

Norfolk hospital homepage
Norfolk body page

Given what we were able to do in 2021, we can’t wait to see what the new year brings! If you’re looking for something interesting in branding, design, web or other marketing services, drop us a line.